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Home Ten Pin Bowling Alley

Building a home ten pin bowling alley is a great way to bring the fun and excitement of this popular game to where you live. The question a lot of people ask is, how much space is needed to install a 10 pin bowling alley in a house? How Long is a Bowling Lane? A […]


Home DuckPin Bowling Alley

A great alternative to a full-size 10 pin bowling alley in your home is a home duckpin alley. Duckpin is a popular take on 10 pin bowling that uses smaller pins and a smaller-sized ball with no finger holes – but this is no gimmicky, arcade bowling. It’s popular in parts of Canada and the […]


Different Options for In-Home Bowling Lanes

There are a ton of different options for in-home bowling lanes. If you’ve decided to bring the fun and excitement of bowling into the comfort of your home, it’s now time to consider those options and make your plan. Each of these options will have an impact on the cost of building your in-home bowling […]