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Home DuckPin Bowling Alley

A great alternative to a full-size 10 pin bowling alley in your home is a home duckpin alley. Duckpin is a popular take on 10 pin bowling that uses smaller pins and a smaller-sized ball with no finger holes – but this is no gimmicky, arcade bowling. It’s popular in parts of Canada and the Northeastern US.

Duckpin lanes will take up much less space in your home than traditional 10 pin lanes and are much more economical to install.

Brunswick’s DuckPin Social is one of our most popular choices for in-home bowling alleys.DuckPin Social’s lanes can be installed in as little as 31’ compared to the standard 88’ for a traditional 10 pin bowling lane. A pair of Duckpin Social lanes can be installed in just 400 square feet of space.


You can choose from any of Brunswick’s synthetic lane options, including rich wood finishes from the Colorfull™ line, to differentiate and liven up your space. Or apply a custom graphic to the lane surface to create a one-of-a-kind look with our Ultimate lanes.

StringPin Pinsetter

Brunswick’s StringPin pinsetter easy to operate and requires much less maintenance than a traditional freefall pinsetter.

Masking Unit

DuckPin Social’s trendy mesh masking unit provides a unique, modern feel, but you can also customize your masking unit.


DuckPin Social comes with Brunswick’s Sync scoring system, the industry’s leading scoring and management system with mobile integration and touchscreen

Whether you’re thinking of installing a home duckpin bowling alley or just weighing your options, contact Striker Bowling and we’ll make sure you’re asking all the right questions and getting the answers you need.

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