Home Ten Pin Bowling Alley

Building a home ten pin bowling alley is a great way to bring the fun and excitement of this popular game to where you live. The question a lot of people ask is, how much space is needed to install a 10 pin bowling alley in a house?

How Long is a Bowling Lane?

A traditional 10 pin bowling lane is 88’ 6”. This includes the lane, the pinsetter, the approach, and the lane behind the pinsetter to allow for maintenance access. In most cases you will want to add an area for seating at the end of the lane as well.

As for width, the standard is 11’6” for a pair of lanes.

If that’s more space than you have, you can still have your home ten pin bowling alley. Brunswick’s Epicenter can be installed in as little as 56’3”, saving you more than 30 feet. This is not arcade bowling, Epicenter is real ten pin bowling that uses reduced lane lengths and stringpin pinsetters to save space.

If space is a concern, Epicenter may be the solutions for you. You might also consider Brunswick’s DuckPin Social, a different kind of 10 pin bowling that also takes up less room than traditional lanes.

Whether you want full lane lengths or something a little smaller, Striker Bowling can help you find the right solution and walk you through the critical planning phase of your project.

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