Why Installation Expertise Matters

Buying the right equipment is only half the battle. In this article, we’ll explain the importance of quality installation, how we ensure quality on every job, and provide 6 questions you should ask to make sure your equipment is installed correctly.

When it comes to modernizing a bowling centre, or building a new one, one of the most important considerations is the quality of the team installing your lanes. Whether you’re installing new lanes, pinsetters, overlays, or scoring systems, quality installation can mean the difference between decades of worry-free performance and nightmares like voided warranties, early breakage, higher maintenance costs, and poor bowler experience.

One of the most critical parts of the installation process is the preparation; what you do before you screw down a single lane panel can mean the difference between decades of trouble-free experience and replacing damages lanes a couple of years down the road, dealing with increasing maintenance costs, and coping with poor bowler experience.

On the extreme side, we’ve seen lane installations that were put down over old foundations without proper preparation and the impact of the balls eventually caved the lanes to point of breaking. Less severe, but equally problematic are shifting lanes, uneven surfaces, and poor bowler experience.

At Striker Bowling, our professional installers will spend up to two days on preparation. This time ensures that your lanes go down on a solid foundation, levelled to a 20,000 tolerance, and meet the requirements of the industries ruling bodies.

When equipment isn’t installed correctly, you’re bound to see issues popping up years down the road. Issues that are going to erode you investment.

We have five foremen across Canada, all certified and thoroughly trained by Brunswick. All of whom have run their own bowling centres. That means they know the business from your side. They know the importance of proper installation, and they take care to always do an exceptional job.

The Striker Installation Difference

  • Our installers do everything: lanes, pinsetters, overlays, scoring systems, monitors. That means they know how to make sure it all works together like it should.
  • We utilize Brunswick Engineers to ensure everything is done right.
  • We meticulously follow Brunswick’s detailed installation guides and Pre-Installation Checklists to guarantee a perfect installation.
  • Our 5 experienced foremen across Canada are all current or former bowling centre owners. They’re supported by a team of 20 experienced installers, keymen, and field engineers.
  • We communicate efficiently and effectively to meet or exceed all installation schedules set for your centre.
  • We’ve completed over 250 installations over the past 10 years and continue complete nearly 30 each year

6 Questions That Will Help You Ensure You Get Quality Installation

You’re putting a lot of trust in the people installing your equipment, but how can you be sure the installation team you’re getting knows their stuff? Here are six questions you can ask that help ensure you make a smart choice, and signal to the company that you know what to look for and keep them on their toes:

  1. How long with the installation take? (Beware of short timelines, it could be a sign corners are being cut)
  2. How many years of experience do the installers who will work on my jobhave?
  3. Does the same team install everything or just part of the job?
  4. What does your pre-installation checklist look like? (Request a copy)
  5. Do your installers work on a project or hourly basis (sometimes installers working on a project basis will cut corners to finish sooner and save their costs)
  6. Ask for references from past job those specific installers have been on